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RFG's 2020 Survey Report Released

Against a backdrop of unprecedented disruption, RFG’s 2020 survey of 28 investment offices shows that most have adapted to work from home arrangements with a “show must go on spirit.”

While many expect to incorporate a permanent WFH hybrid model, remote working challenges remain: including compliance issues and more practical ones, such as hiring, training, and team collaboration. Nearly three-quarters of respondents expect both front office and trading/investment staff to work from home for the remainder of the year, while a few report working in office on a limited or conditional basis.

RFG’s survey also delved into ways investment offices are (or are not) incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into their processes and streamlining workflows through the use of templates, standardized side letters, and checklists. Clearly, many challenges and opportunities abound as endowment investment offices undertake a work-from-home pivot and adapt to the realities of technological acceleration.

As always, RFG gives special thanks to those who participated in the survey.

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