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Products and Services

RFG offers a holistic suite of products to help clients who are struggling with ever-changing and complex regulatory requirements. This includes:


  • A baseline of the regulatory requirements that apply to the client organization 

  • Weekly thought leadership alerts about regulatory developments with insights on future trends.

  • RFG Pathfinder®, a web-based platform to help clients manage requirements triggered by their investment activities and oversee their fund managers.

  • Tools to assess the long-term viability of a fund manager based on the adequacy of its compliance program.

  • Webinars and conferences featuring industry experts.

  • Custom consulting and project management services for clients.


Why this Support is a No-Brainer:


  • The World is Complex: Requirements are constantly changing and have become increasingly complex. Keeping up-to-date requires sophistication and experience, which RFG provides at a fraction of the cost.

  • Many Risks are Not Recognized: It is impossible to address issues that you do not know exist. Staying up-to-date is a considerable challenge, and even organizations that are robustly staffed can find the task daunting.  RFG is fully focused on monitoring these evolving issues so that we can alert clients to potential minefields. 

  • Enterprise-Wide Challenges: Investment activities cut across groups and functions, but outside service providers often fail to highlight where and when coordination is needed across the enterprise. RFG enhances communication across silos by helping team members develop a common understanding of the challenges they face.


We invite you to join your peers as they stay ahead of the curve on regulatory developments. Contact to become part of the RFG community.


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