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Insights for Institutional Investors

Investor Consortium

RFG was established in 2014 at the request of ten leading U.S. charitable organizations.


Today, RFG represents a consortium of organizations with AUM ranging from over $1 billion to well over $35 billion.

Supporting Investors

As the only entity dedicated exclusively to the needs of nonprofit investment offices, RFG offers a deep understanding of the intricate nonprofit and financial services environment in which charitable organizations operate.

“The clearing house effect is particularly important. It’s a great way to learn what our peers are facing.”

“You have made us better investors.”

“The forum you provide is HUGELY beneficial….”


RFG helps clients proactively understand regulatory and legal issues (and solutions) that arise from engaging in investment activities. RFG represents clients that have over $250 billion in combined assets under management, including a consortium of the nation’s leading endowment investment offices. RFG advises clients through its weekly newsletter, white papers, webinar presentations, semi-annual programs, and RFG Pathfinder®—an extensive database analyzing U.S. laws and regulations applicable to charitable organizations.

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