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White Papers

RFG periodically publishes white papers on enterprise-wide risk management and governance issues. To receive a copy of any of the following white papers, please send an email request with your name, phone number, title and organization to Information@RegFG.com.

Corporate Governance


  • A Trustee's Guide to State Law Expectations


  • Before You Invest in Foreign Jurisdictions, Read This


  • An MNPI Compliance Program for Your Endowment Investment Activities

  • Federal Reports All Investors Must File

  • Many Nonprofits are Investment Advisers, They Just Don't Know It Yet

  • Private Equity and Alternatives: The Hidden Pitfalls for Charities

  • The Importance of the Endowment Valuation Process

  • How Donor-Related Activities Impact Federal Regulatory Requirements




Cybersecurity and Digital Assets


  • The Response Plan: A GPS for Your Inevitable Cyber-Incident


  • The "Inevitable" Cyber-Attack: Are You Prepared?


  • SEC Cybersecurity Roundtable: Areas of Note


  • The ABCs of a Technology Breach

  • Guide to Cryptocurrency Donation Service and Liquidity Providers

Maximizing Returns


  • Leaving Money on the Table? How to Reclaim Foreign Taxes


New White Paper Available:

Survey of Internal Audit Practices At Endowment Investment Offices Larger Than $1 Billion

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